The plastics professionals at The Materials Group recognize that each customer has unique needs. This understanding is the basis of our consultative approach to doing business.

TMG is more than a distributor of plastic resin. In working with our customers, we look at your entire process of purchasing plastics commodities and assist in determining areas that will provide you with the largest return for the least amount of investment.

By examining the entire product line you are purchasing, TMG plastic resin professionals can provide you with recommendations ranging from virgin and recycled resin alternatives to suggestions for consolidating your resin purchases and utilizing internal scrap.

Our warehousing capabilities allow us to support JIT and KanBan requirements. By looking at the process as well as the material, we can make recommendations to improve your profitability.

Our expert technical staff and testing capabilities also are available to help you implement any changes to your process. We provide on-site technical support.

Contact us for more information on TMG's consultative services.