Sustainability Focus

The Materials Group makes many custom thermoplastic compounds with recycled resins. Although the majority are made from Post-Industrial Recycle (PIR), we’re also developing grades with Post-Consumer Recycle and Ocean-Bound Plastic. We work closely with our customers to ensure that each thermoplastic compound meets the required OEM specifications.

Our goal is to provide many lightweight, high performance, and environmentally friendly solutions. We’re also trying to keep plastic out of landfills and to minimize our industrial carbon footprint. For example, over the last ten years we’ve created 11x less CO2 by using TMG OpticarbTM 6085C PC/ABS, a PIR, rather than a Virgin PC/ABS.

In addition to recycled resin, we have many environmentally friendly filler technologies including Cellulose, Basalt Fiber, PIR Carbon Fiber, Hemp, and Glass Bubble Microspheres.

Contact us for more information on OEM Approvals, Application Development and resin positioning, or cradle to gate Life Cycle Assessments that quantify a resin’s carbon footprint.

Let our Opti™ products help you meet your sustainability goals and be sure to contact us for assistance finding the engineered thermoplastic solution that meets your needs.

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