Automotive Interior Applications for Plastic Resins

Our staff of dedicated plastic professionals works closely with automotive OEMs to ensure that our engineered thermoplastics meet their specifications for interior components like:

  • Instrument panel center stacks
  • Overhead console trim and brackets
  • Bezels and retainers for instrument panels
  • Speaker grilles

TMG branded plastic resins, such as Optipro scratch-resistant TPO and and Opticarb have found particular success in automotive interior applications.

Our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensure the lot-to-lot consistency necessary to meet your long-term plastic resin needs.

For additional information, view the data sheets below, and be sure to contact us for assistance selecting the right plastic resin for your application.


PC & PC Blends
Opticarb 1012UR PC 12 melt, UV stabilized with mold release
Opticarb 1614 PC 16 melt, with release
Opticarb 1614R PC 16 melt, post industrial black with release
Opticarb 2014URPC 20 melt, UV stabilized with mold release
Opticarb 6085C PC/ABS 20 melt, post industrial black
Opticarb 6085SE PC/ABS 20 melt, surface enhanced
Opticarb 8085 PC/ABS
Opticarb 8085MF20 PC/ABS mineral filled dimensionally stable
Opticarb SL100 PC/ABS siloxxane filled

Optiflex 60D TPU, 60 durometer, Shore D
Optiflex 65A TPE, 65 durometer, Shore A
Optiflex 70A TPU, 70 durometer, Shore A
Optiflex 90A TPE, 90 durometer, Shore A
Optiflex 90A TPU, 90 durometer, Shore A

Optilac LGH ABS, low gloss, high heat 
Optilac LGM ABS, low gloss, medium heat
Optilac MH102 ABS, medium heat, post industrial
Optilac MH106 ABS, high heat, post industrial
Optilac RP350 ABS, general purpose, post industrial
Optilac RP350SE ABS, surface enhanced

Optipro CP10T PP, 10% mineral filled copolymer
Optipro CP15G PP, 15% glassl filled copolymer
Optipro CP20T PP, 20% mineral filled copolymer
Optipro CP2510GM PP, 35% glass/mineral filled copolymer
Optipro CP30G PP, 30% glass filled copolymer
Optipro CP3510GM PP, 45% glass/mineral copolymer
Optipro HP15G PP, 15% glass filled homopolymer
Optipro HP20T PP, 20% glass filled homopolymer
Optipro HP30G PP, 30% glass filled homopolymer
Optipro HP45G PP, 45% glass filled homopolymer
Optipro PP LG20 PP long glass fiber, 20% filled
Optipro PP LG30 PP long glass fiber, 30% filled
Optipro PP LG60 PP long glass fiber, 60% filled


Instrument panel center stack
Overhead console trim
Speaker grille