Automotive Underhood Applications for Plastic Resins

As regulatory and consumer demands have grown, automotive underhood components have been affected like no other automotive applications.

Increasing requirements for fuel efficiency, emissions control and high performance have forced the development of plastic resins that resist heat, chemicals and other challenges over longer and longer periods of time.

TMG has been in step with these trends, working with automotive OEMs to ensure our plastic resins meet their stringent requirements for underhood components like:

  • Wire troughs
  • Battery boxes
  • Wiper pivot arms
  • Cowl screens

For tough applications like these, Optilon nylon, Optipro polypropylene and our other TMG branded resins provide the optimum in performance and value for automotive suppliers.

For additional information, click on a data sheet below, and be sure to contact us for assistance selecting the right plastic resin for your application.


Optiflex 60D TPU, 60 durometer, Shore D
Optiflex 65A TPE, 65 durometer, Shore A
Optiflex 70A TPU, 70 durometer, Shore A
Optiflex 90A TPE, 90 durometer, Shore A
Optiflex 90A TPU, 90 durometer, Shore A

Optilac MH102 ABS, medium heat, post industrial
Optilac MH106 ABS, high heat, post industrial

Optilon N6 nylon 6, unfilled
Optilon N6-30G HSL nylon 6, 30% glass filled with heat stabilizer and lube
Optilon N66 nylon 66, unfilled
Optilon N66-13G HSL nylon 66, 13% glass filled with heat stabilizer and lube
Optilon N66-30G HSL nylon 66, 30% glass filled with heat stabilizer and lube
Optilon N66-43GN nylon 66, 43% glass filled
Optilon N66-MT nylon 66, unfilled, medium impact
Optilon N66-ST nylon 66, unfilled, high impact

Optipro CP20T PP, 20% mineral filled copolymer
Optipro CP30G PP, 30% glass filled copolymer
Optipro HP15G PP, 15% glass filled homopolymer
Optipro HP20T PP, 20% glass filled homopolymer
Optipro HP30G PP, 30% glass filled homopolymer
Optipro HP45G PP, 45% glass filled homopolymer
Optipro LG20 PP long glass fiber, 20% filled
Optipro LG30 PP long glass fiber, 30% filled
Optipro LG40 PP long glass fiber, 40% filled
Optipro LG60 PP long glass fiber, 60% filled


Wire trough
Battery box
Wiper pivot arm