Opticarb Polycarbonate Resin and PC Alloys

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Tough, impact-resistant polycarbonate – a condensation polymerization resulting in a carbon that is bonded to three oxygens – is the second largest volume engineering resin. Only nylon is produced at a greater volume.

Polycarbonate's popularity is largely due to its exceptional impact strength and clarity, which make it highly suitable for a wide range of demanding applications.

The addition of ABS or other materials to polycarbonate resin produces blends that provide the best of both worlds: the impact resistance of polycarbonate combined with the advanced chemical resistance of, say, polyester or the improved flow behavior of ABS. 

Our Opticarb polycarbonate resin and PC alloys provide all the important advantages of these materials, backed by TMG’s industry expertise and commitment to customer service.

Our experienced staff will work with you to ensure you get a formulation that meets your requirements.

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Instrument panel valance panel
Overhead console brackets